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I admitted that I did read the reviews and warnings from other users about Wirefly online and didn't take the advice. I figured they have cheap phones and how bad they can be, maybe worth a try. Boy, was I wrong. A group of untrained monkeys can do a better job than them. The following summarizes the gists of my agony dealing with these sleezy balls:

1. A agent in US took my order. He got the phones I ordered completely wrong, totally messed up my email (that was why I never received a confirmation email), and did take down the number porting information I provided him. It is a total fu&^& up.

2. Called the customer service about my order. It turned out they already shipped out the wrong phone. The agent tried to have the order fixed.

3. Checked the order online again. Fu$#@, they associated all the phones to only my wife's number.

4. I called again to have them associate my number with the correct phone.

5. Checked the order again, they have my number associated with the wrong phone they sent out and my wife number associated wtih two other phones.

6. Called again to have the error corrected. Promised to fix in 6 hours. Still no response and my old phone has been deactivated already, which means I don't have a phone now!! WTF!!

7. They also lied about activation fees. The phones should have free activation fees, but when you receive the bill, "surprise!". They also refuse to do anything about it.

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What does not having identity at the shipping address mean!? I have lived here for more that 4 months! CRAZY

Absarokee, Montana, United States #228194

All the issues have been finally resolved, except the activation fees. still waiting on that one.

Christoval, Texas, United States #225768

Wirefly deactivated my old phone yesterday morning but the new phone they sent me will not activate. I have talked to 4 different people who could not fix the problem and said they were sending it on to their activation dept.

and that I would receive a call from them. One said that I would receive the call in 1 hr, another 6 hrs, and the last said 4 hrs. None have called me and I still have no phone.

I'm on hold right now trying to get ahold of someone so I can send this phone back and cancel the order. Definitely not worth the $50 I saved.


Hi I am very distressed to hear that you have had this experience shopping with us. Every one of our employees is committed to ensuring the overall satisfaction for every customter with every order they place.

I would appreciate it if you would please email me with your order number so that we can review your order, resolve your issues and address all of your concerns with the agents involved incliding taking corrective action as neccessary. Please send us your order number and contact information to

I look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can address and resolve all of this for you.

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