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Since there's been a rumor that VZW's last day to offer unlimited data plan is 7/6/11, I purchased 2 phones with unlimited data via phone sales on 7/6/11 confirming several times with the sales rep that I will get unlimited. I get several emails from Wirefly on the same day approving my purchase request.

Several days later, I get the phones with 2GB plan on the invoice. I call Wirefly, and the rep says this problem was posted in their bulletin and all will be taken care of, no worries. I get my 1st bill from VZW showing 1 with unlimited and 2nd with 2GB. I make 10 different calls to Wirefly and all the way up to Executive Office, and all i got was despite no error made from my end, "there's nothing we can do at this point".

I ask for refund, but that's not allowed as well. WTF?

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All you people with your sob stories almost cost me $200. I decided you are a bunch of cry-babies and got my HTC Incredible for free from Wirefly.

Thank you very little for your feedback. Kudos to wirefly for their outstanding deals on phones.


Hi, I work at Wirefly's HQ, I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with us. We strive to satisfy all of our customer's to the best of our ability.

Verizon did have a cut off date as of 07/06/2011 that they would be ending their unlimited data service. However having one line with unlimited data and the other with only 2GB of data does not sound right.

If you would please email me at , I will be happy to review your order and make sure that we address all of your concerns as best as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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