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It is very tough to know where to start with this but let me try and bottom line it for you. I purchased a Droid X and an LG Octane for my wife and I in late December and ended up with a Droid X that was faulty from day one and an Octane that just failed about three days ago, two days prior to my 30 day "trial" period.

First off the droid battery cover tabs were broken in the box so I believe it was a refurb and not brand new. The phone itself would not stay on, dropped calls, and would turn on and off 10-12 times a day for no reason. They did admit the phone was faulty so I fedexed it back to them and that's when the real fun began. The rep stated once the phone was received it would take 24 hours for them to "quality check" the phone before a new one was sent. They received the phone on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday after 4-5 chats and several calls I had enough. I spent four hours on a chat (don't even try and get them on the phone unless you are giving them money) only to realize that "because the Holiday's were busy" for them they didn't have the x and I could take a different phone (more $) or wait. My mobile phone is my home phone so I had no alternative to take the phone I didn't want and the first rep wouldn't budge on the $50 they wanted me to pay to "upgrade" to the phone I didn't want in the first place. The "manager" finally took over the chat and eventually met me in the middle and I had to pay $25 to get a Samsung Fascinate. For now it works but the awful after sale service has soured me forever. I would have paid Verizon direct full retail for both phones (and will next time) to get the one on one service you get at a local service center,I'll get to them in a moment.

So about two weeks later the LG Octane buttons no longer function. No reason, just don't work. Can't get through to a rep at Wirefly so we go to Verizon direct. They run some tests, phone is faulty (didn't even have the most recent software update) so I believe this one must have been some refurbed phone they sent me without ever checking it over as well. Verizon rep can't do anything until the phone is out of the Wirefly 30 day period so we have to wait unless we want to send this one back to them as well. I will never send them another device and I will write as many reviews on as many consumer sites I can until the message gets across just how awful the after sale service is with this company. I have wasted at least two days of time with my family on this company and now understand why their phones are so inexpensive, they must be refurbs or rejects bought in huge bulk from the manufacturer.

To summarize, you will save money on the hardware but you will suffer on the after sale service I have come to expect from companies in this day and age. Spend the extra money to get the phone direct from Verizon or whoever you use as a carrier and get the service from real people who care about their customers, not some call center in Bangladore where all they care about is getting you off the phone and saving their client some money. I will never do business with this company again, I will give them negative reviews whenever/wherever I can and will write as many reviews as possible to let potential customers know just how awful they are.

Wirefly has the worst customer service I have experienced in my 40 years.

Please go elsewhere as is terrible and I hope they go out of business.

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I had another horrible experience with Wirefly. I purchased mytouch4g from them.

My phone came in good condition but had bugs that I couldn't work around. Bluetooth would just not work with my car phone system and the microsoft exchange support was buggy. I contact them for return and they said no problem as long as I contacted them within 14 days (it was within 14days) and return it within 30days. I asked REPEATEDLY whether I will get my phone upgrade option back from tmobile if I return the phone.

They REPEATEDLY said yes no problem tmobile will give me my upgrade option as long as I return it within 30days. I returned it within given time. Wirefly accepted it with no problem and said they will have tmobile reverse my upgrade option within 48hours. I waited 3 days and contacted tmobile.

Tmobile says I can't get my upgrade option because the phone was not returned within 14days. I explained wirefly promised me they will contact you to reverse the upgrade. Tmobile says no there is nothing we can do about it. I contact wirefly twice after that and each time they are so nice in the chat and say we apologize this happened we will fix it within 48 hours.

The fact is they don't do anything about it. They just keep telling me they will fix it. Finaly I just gave up and paid $200 to get out of contact that I can't use with tmobile.




Hi I work at Wirefly's HQ and I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience with us. I would like to further investigate what happened on your order to address the issues outlined in your post by someone in our executive customer care department. Please send me a PM or e-mail ( us your order number and contact information, and we will gladly call you to have the matter addressed.

-Wirefly Antonio

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