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Okay, so I have been very patient with the people at this company, no yelling, explaining things with a calm voice, offering them suggestions as to how we could solve the problem but still this company has FAILED me!!!!! So now I just have to let you all out there know how they do buisness just so you don't get screwed over like I have.

I bought my phone with Wirefly about 14 months ago and when I bought the phone they sold me a protection plan for $6.99 a month. The only reason we went with this protection plan as opposed to the one our phone carrier offers is because the woman on the phone told me that that if the phone broke or was stolen, it would be very easy, all I would need to do was call the company and they would send me a new phone. The only difference between their protection plan and the one my carrier offers was that they didn't have a deductable. Who would not buy this?

Save money, and have your phone protected. Well THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!!! When I called Wirefly because my phone is now malfunctioning, a problem we have looked online and found it very common in this phone, they said I will have to send the phone to this other third party company and then they will see if it can be repaired and then if not they will send me another phone. I don't know about you but I can't go several weeks without a phone.

With my carrier when your phone breaks, yes this is a deductible but you get a new phone on the spot that day!!!! Also, you do not give them your used phone you just keep it. My husband still has the phone he broke on his desk. I knew it would take a few days for the phone to arrive at my house but didn't expect to wait this long and have to go through all this as the woman on the phone said "you just call and they will send you a new phone." I have called Wirefly and wasted several hours of my time on the phone with them trying to fix this situation.

I either want them to send me a refund for the protection plan so I can go through Verizon and get a new phone and use that money or for them to send me a new phone as promised. I don't feel like I am asking for much. I even told them I would send them my defective phone when the other one arrives, and that I could give them my credit card number to hold in case I did not send the phone back, as we did when our baby monitor broke but no all I have gotten was an I'm sorry. On Friday, the man I spoke to told me he would handle this and either one of those two options would be done and he would call me this Tuesday.

Tuesday arrived and no call, surprise, surprise. I called them on Friday and of course they had no recollection of this. Anyhow, do not use them.

Just go through your carrier!!!!!

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Yeah! I am no longer a pissed consumer!

I got my phone in the mail and it works! Thanks so much for following up with me Kim. I really appreciate all of your help!

They did cancel my coverage after replacing the phone but that I totally understand. I guess it does pay to voice your opinion.


Okay, so I have a tracking number and will be going by to pick up the package tomorrow! I am excited! I will keep you posted!


Okay so you have been very helpful online and hopefully I will be able to tell you all later this week that this issue was resolved. They said they were sending a new phone at it would take 3-5 days.

Today is day 6 and still no phone but I am hopeful! I would love to post something more positive.


Hi Robbed,

I am sorry to hear that you feel that way, however I am aware that you spoke with our customer service supervisor who was able to let you know that we have waived the charge that you are complaining about and have sent out your replacement phone. If you have any further issues or questions regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at:



*Don't call them they will not help! I was recently told to ship a phone manual to the Return Department or Distribution Center as a part of my exchange for a phone that would NOT GET DATA CONNECTION.

I sent the manual viA USPS in a 3 by 6 envelope AS ADVISED TO. The manual was sent 4 days ago and still has "not been received". Therefore I am left with no phone unless I want to GIVE Wirefly $50.00 for the manual they cannot find. Also, they are now requesting a tracking # which I do not have because the lady told me to send in an ENVELOPE!!

Customer Service is no help with their repetitive, generalized answers. .**WIREFLY ONLY GOOD IN THE EVENT THAT YOU WILL NOT EVER NEED REPLACEMENT, RETURN OR EXCHANGE!!


Hi Jenn,

Yes email us your order number and a contact number to, and I promise I will reach out to you immediately. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Thanks so much! Please let me know how to contact you. I would much rather resolve the problem than just continue to be frusterated.


Hi Angrycustomer2207,

I work at Wirefly's HQ, and I am very concerned with your complaint. If you have Device Protection, we are happy to faciliate a replacement with them. Until I can review your order and see who you spoke with, and what you were told, I am not able to assist you to make this right for you. If you would please email me your order number, and the best contact number and time, I will be happy to review your order and have a manager call you to work with you regarding the resolution to your phone issues. I am very sorry that you have had this experience, it isn't right, and I want to make sure this gets fixed for you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can resolve this for you.



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