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I CANNOT believe they are still in business ripping people off!

They never paid a $200.00 rebate on a smart phone I bought years ago, while my husband was able to find a similar deal on the same phone, but through the Verizon wireless company.

Those phones are long gone, outdated, but useful at the time. We still like Verizon, but never imagined that Wirefly was still in business (as usual).

We should probably also complain to the companies who lead us to them! Now AMTRAK has a promotion for points if buying through them. Can you believe it?

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Wirefly has been under new ownership for the past three years (since December 2007) and throughout that time we have lived by our Customer Promise – Straightforward pricing with no Rebates at prices hundreds lower than retail stores.

Please email me at onlinesupport@wirefly.com if you have any further questions.


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