After ordering a phone from Wirefly as an added line to my Verizon account, the phone never shipped. I got no where with customer service.

I put in another order and that phone was shipped. I called Verizon to activate the phone. Their customer service said there was alread a line added, I said no, I never received that phone. Verizon then cancelled the nonexistent phone and service, and proceeded to charge me an early termination fee!

For a phone I never had. Then they programmed the wrong phone number into my new phone, the one I actually DID have. This caused Wirefly to say I had breached their contract, and charged my credit card over $200 for equipment, equipment I NEVER RECEIVED. I told them, look I ordered one phone, I have it in use.

Verizon programmed the wrong number into the phone. They said that was not their problem. So Verizon, and Wirefly screwed me to the tune of over $400 for a phone line and phone I never received or used.

I put it into dispute with Mastercard, who did nothing.

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Wirefly sell's REFURBISHED phones which is probably the worst thing about them, they run a variety of other dishonest scams also which is why they had to change their name from Inphonic, save your money and buy new instead of REFURBISHED, you'll thank yourself you did.


I too have been screwed by wirefly. I ordered two phones from them.

Called verizon and activated the phones on the numbers that were upgraded. Then switched the phones to other line on same account. Told the customer rep that the phones came from wirefly and that i dont want to recieve any charges. My recipt says nothing about not switching numbers.

It says call verizon for issues with programing etc. Vz rep says no problem. Next day wirefly foriegn guy calls says he needs my password to my account so he can check it. I reluctantly give it to him because he says i will be charged 300 bucks.

He checks my account and says that i cant change nothing on my plan i will owe 300 bucks per phone.

I called verizon and they couldnt belive it. The say the activated phones like this all the time.

I have done this before with phones from best buy and.from verizon.

The upgraded lines are still active and extended and everything. Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with these crooks?


I can help you out. Please contact me at onlinesupport@wirefly.com I promise to fix this for you.

John @ wirelfy.

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