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I had one request when calling WireFly. I need to keep my business contacts to do my job. I told them "I have to have my old number brought over and my phone activated quickly!"

I was promised that this would happen with in 5 days or sooner.

Whatever you do, do not ask them to transfer a number. They do not follow up on anything. Nothing, at all. They barely speak English except in the sales department.

After 12 days, and multiple requests to WireFly, I contacted T-Mobile. They gave me a temporary number immediately. WireFly's computer system sent me an email within an hour saying they had fixed my problem.

The number transfer continued to be an issue. It took T-Mobile 2 weeks to correct the technical glitch that kept my number from processing. They busted their butts and waved many of my fees. Go T-Mobile!

Meanwhile WireFly ignored my emails, responded in broken English, or responded with obvious contempt. They have shown their company to be completely incompetent. I am doing their jobs for them.

T-Mobile recommended that no one use WireFly, try a different online seller. According to customer support, WireFly is the worst company to use.

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