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Two days in a row I was shopping for a VZW RAZR in white at and a revolving price in red next to the phone picture stopped at $45.62 and $45.99. I immediately called in and was told three different stories from my computer lagging to a website error, which they were still not able to honor the price, to the price being limited to either number of units or a specific time, neither of which accompanied the price on the screen.

I took pictures of the screen and emailed them to customer service to no avail and spoke to a "supervisor" who was extremely rude to me.

Bottom line it is a scam to bait you into the price and then not honor it, I will not recommend Wirefly nor use them again. The right thing to do is honor the price and correct the mistake THEY MADE!!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I will update everyone reading. After phone calls and a posting about my comment by "Kim" on this site nothing has been done.

Kim was to review with "upper management" about my complaint and the asociated pictures of the page I sent them showing the price of $45.99. I received a call from "Stefon" telling me how sorry he was and he was taking it up with "upper management" and would get back to me. Hours later Stefon called and said they woukld give me a $50.00 discount off the $229.99 price. I asked about the $45.99 price shown and he ADMITTED to the fact that the website had an error and it was fixed, but still would not honor the price shown.

I again contacted "Kim" and was told that was all they would do on the price.

Amazon had the phone for $.01 on Black Friday with new service so it seems they could have discounted the phone for my one unit THEY MADE THE MISTAKE ON BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION. Do not use Wirefly as you can see by my posting and the others related to the company!!!!!!


Hi Doviinc,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience. It does not sound right to me at all that you were told what you were.

Can you please email me your order information, the screen shots, and your contact info?

Send it to, and I will be happy to review this for you, and have a manager from our corporate office contact you to assist you with this. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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