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I placed an order through wirefly and was excited to be able to purchase service online and have everything setup for me without going into a store. It was a horrible experience.

Within one day of placing the order we get an email to call in and provide information. Long story short, they could not port the phone numbers over. They wanted us to change the existing account with the carrier or to change the name on the order. It made no sense.

They were going to change my cell phone service in my parents name, because that where I was porting my number from. Or I had to change my parents cell phone service into my name. They could not port my number over. It was absolute insanity.

Then when I talked to Sprint and got the proper method for transferring the numbers, Wirefly threatened to charge me $300 extra dollars as a penalty. Needless to say, I canceled my order. I will never work with Wirefly again. They lost my business for good.

I would suggest not using their service, especially if you are going to port a number.

I am not sure how I am going to purchase cell phone service but it won't be through Wirefly.

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Oh, also have your credit card handy


I work at Wirefly's HQ, and am concerned about the experience you had with us. I assure you that we do everything possible to make transactions go smoothly for our customers.

Sometimes there are problems with orders however. From what you posted it is possible that the carrier stated that the numbers you were trying to port in were from a different market and therefore ineligible, to port over. I cannot say for certain without reviewing your order.

I would be happy to review your order, explain to you exactly what happened, and help you to have a better resolution than the one you currently have. Please email us at with your order number and I will be happy to assist you with your order.

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