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Dealing with was one of the worst phone ordering situations of my life! They are in the Phillipines and 99% of their agents are difficult to impossible to understand. I wasted 5 hours with them today.

After being shuttled from agent to agent with different titles, I was given someone in order validation or some BS. After I verified everything for the fifth time, I was told that me credit card did not verify correctly. I asked them why it had verified 4 times previously and why I had been using it for 25 years without a problem!!!!

She had the nerve to tell me to call my bank and then to call wirefly back. I offered to add on the bank President. She said she could not do this. I immediatedly cancelled the order and bought the same phone at Sam's Club effortlessly and for even less money!!! Wirefly is a complete monstrosity of a phone pressure room, they are not the least expensive, and they are unintelligible.

I beg of you not use these offensive jerks.

Arnold H.

Please call me at 832 377 8165 before you buy from these jerks.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I actually feel the need to post the exact email I sent to and This is the exact email I sent word for word!

I want to cancel order number 48767****. I have posted this online as well as sent this directly to Wirefly before my order has processed. I have also have taken a snap shot of my email to you so I have proof that I want to cancel this order and have said so before the order even leaves your possession. Do not charge my card or finish the order. I have had the worst experiance in dealing with your company and customer service. I spent over 2 hours on the phone and talk to a few different reps and still had my orders cancel. Finally I had one go thru and it has been stuck on order validation for 3 days now. I can no longer wait on your service and I plan on going to a better ran company. DO NOT CHARGE ME OR FINISH THE ORDER!!!!!! I will fight this with the full force at my power and I will also post everything online just to show how your service has been!!! Again I want nothing more from your company and your service is horrible.


I have now tried to cancel my order but the cancel button is no where to be found. It is Sunday 8/13/2012 at 1:05 am eastern time.

My order has not finished processing and I have messaged customer care and I got an auto reply that says my email was sent to the office of John Bailey. If this order is not cancelled as requested before it finishes processing I will have proof of the fraudulent service and a forced charge on my card that has been denied prior to the charge and processing of the order. As I reported above on my previous post this customer service is the worst ever and I feel like Im only a number to this company.

I have messaged customer care 4 time in the 3 days since my order actually went through and I have yet to get a reply.

After spending so much time on the phone with them and the repeated emails with no help or responses. I have had it.


I am actually in the same boat as you Arnold. I spent over 2 hours talking to one agent after another.

My orders got cancelled 3 times with deferent reasons each time. Now I finally got the order to go thru and now I'm stuck in the order validation ***. I placed my order 3 days ago and I hope to finally get it on its way past this *** part and get my phone but as you know it may take up to 3 more days to get it. So 7 days after my order I hope to get my phone.

In this day and age 7 days without a phone is career suicide especially since I am a chief engineer at a major resort. If anyone knows customer service it should be me. Waiting this long is just plain crappy service. If my order doesn't clear by first thing in the morning I will also cancel it and post how horrible their customer service is.

No reason for this kind of service.

Saving a measly $40 or $50 is not worth the hassle. Go elsewhere!!!


Hi Arnold,

I work at Wirefly's HQ in Reston, VA and am troubled by what you have posted. I would like to review your order and the contacts you have had with our representatives. If you would please email me your order number at, I will be sure to have a customer service manager in our corportate office call you to address your concerns.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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