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I ordered a pair on phones from Wirfly (well almost oreded). After 2 hrs and 3 representatives going over almost every phone and plan they have to offer the representative(s)and I submitted my order.

So everything was agreed upon two lines 200mb data for one line 2gb data for the other line 1000 minutes shared and the phones I wanted(T-Mobile). We went over the terms of the order, pricing/payment info, all the details. So I hung up thinking to myself I made a good choice what a great deal. How wrong I was and this is where to problems started.

The next day, low and behold, I get a call from Wirefly stating they needed more information from me. So I questioningly called Wirefly back thinking what information do they need, did I not finalize the order yesterday?) Well now somehow the order is held and cannot be processed w/ those data plans and that I have to purchase the required 5gb data plan. So apparently none of the representatives at Wirefly even know the products they are selling or they would have known this was going to be an issue. To make a long story short I told the supervisor in the most respectful way possible that it had been a horrible experience and I just wanted to cancel the order becuase I was not willing to pay another $50 a month for data.

So in this process, before they had even charged a dime to me or sent the phones, somehow one of my lines has already been activated and the 5gb data plan added WITH OUT MY APPROVAL! So now I do not have new phones,I have no upgrade available on one line until 11/2013, a 5gb data service that I never ordered and my old phone that doesn't even have internet/data capabilities. So after hours and hours of my futile attempts dealing w/ the run-arounds w/ Wirefly to try and get the activation reversed and the data plan taken off over two days.(customer service is a joke call one number tranfers you to another then in the end it hangs up on you saying if you need further assistance to go online) I am at a loss at this point T-Mobile can not remove the activation or data plan themselves and it is a huge compliment to even call these people at Wirefly incompetent.

It is a shame, I have satisfactory purchased from Wirefly before w/ no issues, but apparently things have changed at Wirefly for the worse. I would have to say I would never ever allow someone I know to order from this business.

Thanks Wirefly, feel free to reply w/ incincere appologies!

Monetary Loss: $119.

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My problems w/ Wirefly has been resolved a week later. I still do not trust them make sure of that. If I was to deal w/ Wirefly I would double , make that tripple quadruple check the exact order details w/ the highest management official available.


Hi WireflyStinks,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience, and I assure you if it happened to me, I would be very upset as well. I would like to review your order, review the customer contacts on your order, and see how we can resolve this for you.

If you would please email me your order number, I will be happy to review your order and and customer contacts to see what happened and have a customer service manager call you to address and resolve all of your concerns. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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