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Wirefly is a scam..lie after lie! I am a very Pissed consumer!

I can't get to the highest executive they all are the same..with the same story. I was told when I was in the process of ordering my droidx the hotspot moble tethering was included in my $29.99 data pkg and there would be no extra cost to me. I found out "too late" from Verizon that there was an extra $20 a month charge for the tethering. Since I puchased the phone and now over a month along with 3way calls with Verizon, Verizon also is finding out how this company is rediculously run.

I was told they have to listen to the recordings to see if I was actually misinformed,this has never happened yet.Today I spoke with supposidly John..wich admited he was not Excecutive Corperate..their all supervisors. I was one hot person with a respectful mouth but blunt about my rights. He refuses me to listen to the recordings also Verizon..he said we wud have to have a supeona be able to listen to "my own recordings" they don't want to help anyone..they are definately scammers.I would advise no one to deal with them. Get your carrier involved on some 3way calls for a witness..since they are affiliated with wirefly then take every name every date, everything discussed "keep notes"..get an attorney that will kick their but for Fraud!

Friends I love Verizon they are an #10 as far as I am concerned, but Wirefly is truely scammers and do not believe the main companies who have hired them as subsidaries 'know' wirefly is nothing but a scam!

I would never recommend wirefly to anyone! I am extremely angry and will not stop calling them! Today they told me to stop emailing them..lol! I will email their customer service for help as much as I desire!

>wirefly put up with me for you are in for a shutdown!!!!

Come on People let's shut the fraudulant company down! I mean business...!

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I wish I had found this site before I purchased from Wirefly, i ordered a phone last Saturday and have yet to receive the phone or get a live person to speak with. I called the 800 # they refer you back to the website so you can use their chat feature, but there is no chat feature. Buyer beware!!!!!

:( :( :( :( Wirefly is a Huge scam... they are a money pit...

cheaters and scammers.

it should be banned... don't believe in them :eek :eek :eek :eek
:( Horrible customer service. May God help you if you have to speak with any of their customer service agents.

Hard and time consuming to get a straight answer.

Will not purchase from wirefly again. Shop elsewhere.

Wirefly is crazy company they don't informe you that a deposit is due till after they take your money was very pissed off thought my phone be shipped out buy the person helping me then oh wait I got to switch you to someone else an then that person tells you about deposit but they already take your money now I'm waiting for my money back let's see how long this takes them very upset because the deal was so good to be disappointed buy them all phone companies they work with have a scam mine was tmobile


I have purchased phone plans 3 different times in the last 8 years, and have gotten everything that I was promised, and then some. Each time a new free phone was included along with all the accessories.

They are not a scam.

You cant get a better deal on the internet, anywhere near what Wirefly offers. Sorry some of you have problems but I suspect you heard what you wanted to hear.

to Don Radcliffe #627508

Dont believe this troll... Company man trying to make a scamming thieving organization sound half legit... Its is fake as martian dog sh*t

to Don Radcliffe Mitchell, Indiana, United States #656476

I have purchased all of my phones but one from Wirefly, and I have been very satisfied each purchase. I am in the process of upgrading to a new phone as I write this review. In my experience you can't go wrong for the money and service with this company.




I purchased Wirefly phones (Including one EVO 4G) and went with Sprint from AT&T and have had excelent service. I purchased several extras and they didn't charge shipping and some didn't work for me and they paid the shipping back.

They have been so good I can't believe anyone has had realisticly the problems that the girl Lora said.

Also it sounds like the extra she is talking about is a Verison thing and not Wirefly. sincerely to Wirefly, Mary K

to Mary K #627509
Dont believe a single word! NOT ONE!

Before you buy from them, pose as a consumer and try to make contact with any of the technical departemts, consumer departments, any thing at all... There is a number but, you just go into and enless loop of voice messages.... ITS A SCAM...


My mother and brother have purchased from them and have nothing but great things to say about Wirefly. In this economy it's a great feeling to know I can upgrade to a 4G phone in a few days and it won't cost me as much. I've been telling everyone about them because of the great deals.


It was the other way around for me, you all know wire fly and verizon are attached to each other, Well read my post about verizon-wirefly, I was scammed by verizon not by wirefly. I aint taking up for wirefly because I think the scatch each other backs when possible.

Lol chill out @ Bob :eek :eek :?
Noo, Wirefly is the best! Please dont listen to this person!

I don't even know why this is up! :( :upset :sigh

Well...after months of being on the phone nearly every day..finally with the help from verizon customer service..My issue was resolved, but not the way I feel it should have been. My advice to those having trouble with wirefly, call verizon customer service and ask for their help..fluently explain your problems..keep a record of everything.

It's true most of the wirefly techs do not speak nor understand english very well. They are not well trained as what to do and apparently the company has not got their "stuff" together to run their business in a proper manner. Yes you can get a phone cheaper..but they have a contract near a mile long and one must read every little detail on it which is really a pain due to all the reading. They charge extra charges where verizon doesn't..and no matter what they are a difficult company to deal with.

I was suppose to geta letter in writing about me being released out of my contract due to being "missinformed" I was promised and I never did receive anything from them. I had a talk with one of verizon's higher up and made suggestions about wirefly to better them and better verizon's end of the deal also. I understand changes may possibly made with wirefly, but I've not seen it yet. My opinion Verizon was very unhappy with wirefly's actions.

They personally spoke to wirefly, so that was a plus in my case. I also believe Verizon is making changes also to help people understand about the plans and the phones and the charges, even showing online how the phones work, even training at verizon facillities. I will gladly pay Verizon for a phone than go back to Wirefly. Tho my situation was resolved..it still wasn't what it should have been and it cost me alot of money and time.

At this time I do not know what goes on with wirefly..but my advice is if you are having problems with them..call verizon customer service and tell them and ask for their help..such as a 3-way phone call. Be very persistant with wirefly..they will promise and promise and never deliver..get ahold of the highest management there is & also talk to them. They record everything so think about what's going on and maybe the recording will back you up. Good luck guys!!!!

BE Persistant, keep records, get verizon involved if you can.I'm glad to be back with Verizon! It's up to all of you..but I'm staying with the main company..actually it's cheaper in the long-run. Hope this helps those who are having problems.

I don't know if the company is a scam..but they are certainly don't know what they are doing or just don't care! GL..


Wirefly may have been horrible in the past and all but They'v gotten better and up to date, Check out wireflyreviews.net to see whats better and what isn't


I have been dealing with them for over ten years and I am very happy with wirefly. Think about this, ask yourself this question: how does a company stay in business if they are a scam.

Simple they ARE NOT A SCAM. The people working for the phone company want you to get the phone in their store so they can get a commission, thus they are the ones that are writing the negative comments about Wire-fly.


Man STFU Wire Fly I Been Seeing These People Here Right How They Got Scammed Idk If I Should Buy Anything From wirefly I'll Rather Go Buy My Phone For Like 200 Or 500 If I Have Too..I Don't wanna Deal With These Kid Of Stuff..waste Of My Stinking Time...Also I Hear All Ur Workers Or Operater Barely Speak English To Understand Us That Are Having Are Probles About WireFly!!!


to Miss wirefly_kim. I appreciate your offer and I will take you up on it, but as I already know from months of speaking to these people I've got nowhere!

I will at least give you the benefit of the doubt. Sincerely, Lora


Hi, I work at Wirefly's HQ, I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience with our company. If you would please email me at onlinesupport@wirefly.com , I will be happy to review your order and make sure that we address all of your concerns.

I also want to make sure that all of the agents that you had contact with are coached appropriately, so that this does not happen again with any other customer. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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