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Here's the story:

Purchased a new phone and 2 year phone contract through Wirefly for my Grandmother. At the time she had a 1000 minute family plan. With my grandfathers passing she no longer needed the family plan so we purchased a 500 minute classic plan. Even though i have physical proof that we purchased a 500 minute classic plan, Wirefly defaulted the plan back to a family plan. Wirefly then asked for a death certificate to prove my grandfathers death which I provided. It didn't make a difference.

The escalation team "supposedly" looked at this several times. Somehow I don't think that this happened.

Not only did my grandmother not get the plan that she wanted (they reverted her back to the family plan), Wirefly charged her $400 for the balance of changing the plan ---- which she did not do.

Wirefly proposes all of these fantastic deals on phones and plans. They messed up and my grandmother got screwed. I caught them several times stating things that didnt happen. I have physical paper proof that they messed up. It still didn't matter. STAY AWAY - STAY VERY FAR AWAY.


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Hi Cvansickler,

I am very sorry to hear that you and your grandmother have had this experience. It doesnt sound right, and I would like to review your order and see what happened. If you would please email me your grandmother's order number to, I will review your order and have someone reach out to you to assist you. I look froward to hearing from you soon and getting this issue resolved.


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