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I ordered a phone Samsung Charge from them last weekend. In hind sight I probably should have known better. The website initially indicated the phone would be $99, but when I continued to fill in the information since it was not the primary line on the plan the price suddenly jumped to $119 (still roughly half the price on verizon's website).

Later the same day I changed my mind and tried to find a place on the website to cancel the order. The FAQ said there was a link, but I never found it. I sent them an email asking to cancel the order. I got confirmation the email was recieved and that it would be addressed within 24 hours. Prior to them addressing my request to cancel, the phone was shipped. Once it arrived I opted to keep the phone as I would have had to delay my upgrade by returning the phone and waiting till it was processed.

The phone arrived as scheduled. In the box was a flyer with a big Stop Sign that said "DO NOT TURN THE PHONE ON" until calling a 888 number to activate the phone. HMMM Ok I"ll do that... still reading the flyer. On the bottom of the page was another "Stop Sign" that said to read these instruction before inserting the SIM card. There were no additional instruction related to the SIM card.

So I called the 888 number, after listening to the convuluted recording in perfect English I finally reached "Customer Dis-Service". I could barely understand the broken English the person spoke and ask to speak with someone that spoke English as a primary language. The person argued and kept talking over me. I finally had to get just as rude as she was being and demanded to speak to someone else. I was place on "hold" (ignore) for a very long time before hanging up and starting over. Calling back after listening to the message again, I was transfered to Customer Dis-Service again, but this time the recording I had to respond to there was garbled and would not allow me to continue and actually reach another non english speaking person.

Start over, call #3, this time I get back to Customer Dis-Service and this person is no better at English than the first person. This time I asked to speak to a supervisor. Once again I was placed on "hold/ignore" for a long time and ended up hanging up and calling back. Call #4 again gets me the garbled recording that goes nowhere.

Call #5 I get through to another person who speaks marginal english. I tell him I either want to activate my phone NOW or I want to send it back. After trying to express why I was so upset with him talking over me the entire time, he finally tells me " Just turn the phone on, it is already activated". To my amazement, it actually worked. Don't know how but it did.

Bottom line is, I refuse to conduct business with companies who out source Customer Dis-Service to third world countries where the people think they can speak English but actually butcher the language. I was under the impression they were required to route the call back to the mainland on request.

I WILL NEVER USE WIREFLY AGAIN and I am telling everyone I know how bad the service was.

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Hi New&Misused Wireflyuser,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience. It isnt how we train our representatives to be to our customers.

Can you please email me your order number to, and I will review your order and have a customer service manager reach out to you to discuss your order issues. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



I'm happy I read all these comments.. I almost bought one, maybe two phones from Wirefly but you can bet i won't be dealing with them.

I'll pay the extra $$ and go through Sprint.


:( I just ordered 2 Samsung Transforms from Wirefly on 11-17-2011. I got the phones the next day and everything seemed to be great.

Ah- now it's the 25th and both phones are so far messed up that its not even funny. So we went to Sprint so they could fix the issue. I didn't know that since Wirefly sent me the phones that's who I'd have to go through. I called WireFly 10 times only to get hung up on and when I asked to speak to a floor supervisor they put me on hold.

I feel so upset and lost. Like I'm stuck with these broke phones.

I would never recommended this company to anyone. I wish I wouldve found this website before going threw them.


Hi Katwat,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience with us. We strive to provide the best customer service experience that we can. If you will please email me your order number to, I will review your order, and have a customer service manager in our corporate office contact you as soon as possible to resolve this for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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