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The day before thanksgiving I thought I found this great deal on some new samsung galaxy S III phones on wirefly for Metro pcs for $299. I have bought 2 phones before from them and everything was great, but NO MORE.

So I ordered 2 phones and thought about it for a minute and decided I would buy 2 more phone for the whole family for christmas, Great right, I let everyone know merry christmas we are all getting New phones, WHAT A NIGHTMARE, 2 days later Wirefly cancels both orders, turns out they canceled 3 phones and said they would sell me 1 ??? What the ???, You guys sell phones right ??? I called and finally got the answer that since I bought 1 phone from them 2 months before I could only purchase 2 phones in a 90 day period ? Are you kidding me.

I sent a few emails and finally they said they were looking into it ? They called me back 2 days later to tell me now I can only buy 2 phone in a 180 day period and there is nothing there were going to do. Then come to find out that they dont even have the phone in stock . I told them that I will never deal with them again and I will be calling the BBB and be bloging about the whole scam.

I told them there is no were on the site that stated I could only buy 2 phones in a 90 or 180 day period and that they ruined christmas by me telling everyone we are were getting new phones and then to get everything canceled.

I think they priced the phone too cheap and then there was so much demand that they came up with this BS story. Please take my advise and from everyone else that has had scam dealings with wirefly to pay $20 dollars more and go to the store and buy there , save yourself a whole lot of problems from theses scam artists

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Also if it is true, which I doubt, that theses are the carrier limits, I would tell them that you are NOT going to sell there phones. I mean come on 4 phones for a family, its not like I tried to order 40 phones to resell.

The next thing will be you can only buy 1 phone in a 2 year period.

I thought the very least that you guys would do was let me buy 1 more phone but, SORRY sir those are the rules we have in place so please place your order with us so we can then tell you we canceled your order and you can not buy that many phones in a 90, oh wait 180 day period, I mean what are you trying to do sir buy phones for your whole family, who ever heard of that ??? I'll go to my Metro store next time where I can buy as many phones as I want.


How the messaging can be confusing ??? There was NO Messaging, NOTHING To State anything about you can only buy 2 phones.

And then 1 person tells me 90 days and 1 or 2 days later Im told 180 days. Sounds like you guys are making up your own rules as you go ???


Hi Gdog,

I am very sorry that you are so upset with us regarding your orders. I understand how the messaging can be confusing, and we are working to update our online messaging.

Unfortunately, the order limitation you have run into with your orders from us are limits that the carrier has placed on us, and not something that we do to make our customer's order experience to be so unpleasant.

I do apologize that you had this experience, but please understand that the outcome is not something that we can change. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to be of assistance to you, by emailing us at


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