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I ordered a palm pre from them and when i received it they had it activated on another sprint account so i had to send it back because sprint could not change it (not sprints fault) then i had to waite to get another one from wirefly so i get that one and then in 2 weeks the touch screen stopped working completely on it so i called of course well they wanted to charge me like 300 dollars for another one they didn't understand that i didn't want another one all i wanted to do was return it so finally after spending my whole sat talking to them i finally got a return auth number from them so i could return it but they wanted me to over night it? ummm no way so now they are showing that they have received for 3 days now and they are supposed to let sprint know that i did not upgrade so sprint can reset my account but that still has yet to happen

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I work at Wirefly's HQ, and your experience is not normal nor is it one we want our customers to have. Every eomployee at Wirefly is committed to your satisfaction, so your experience that you described is very distressing to me.

I am very sorry to hear you feel the way you do and I would like to make this right for you. If you would please email me your order number to, I will make sure that one of our customer service managers addresses your concerns and resolves them for you asap.

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