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I am not one to complain or bash a company & I am a patient person, however over the course of 18 plus days this company wirefly has pressed my buttons to the point of me throwing my hands up in the air & just giving up on ever getting the phone that I have been seeking. My journey with wirefly began 20 days ago.

All I wanted was a second line on my Verizon account. Wirefly had a nice cheap offer that sells a android smart phone with the retail value of $599.00 for a mere $39.99. I thought wow, great deal & started the process of making the purchase. To make a long story short, it became a nightmare.

I waited & waited, during my wait I was getting emails from Verizon keeping me updated & informed of the activation # on my new phone, & the new phone #. The emails from wirefly were always the same, we are processing your order, it never changed. So I decided to call wirefly, to begin with I could barely understand the sales rep, his english was awful & it made comunication almost impossible. So I tried the on line chatting.

This was a joke, I believe that I chatted with at least 10 different sales rep day after day & still got no where. I really believe that excluding taking funds from your credit card or bank, that the employees at wirefly dont have a clue to what their doing or whats going on with a consumers purchase. Looking at the big picture, I would have rather paid the full amount of the cell phone versus going through all this stress.

As of today, I still have no cell phone, sure the moneys been taken out of my account, but still no phone. Beware of the company, even Verizon didnt have anything positive to say about them & thats pretty bad.

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