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I am currently deployed in the Middle East and Wirefly keeps trying to state that I owe the entire amount of my phone since my service is suspended due to my deployment. I have sent them my deployment orders and showed the phone in question in a screenshot that my account is suspended and I will resume it when back home in the states. I am not sure why they asked for my orders if they do not intend to use that to help my case. They are now adamant about asking for the PIN to my Verizon account. I have repeated stated I oppose this because that gives them access to my financial history and call logs with Verizon. Call log history is usually something you need a subpoena for. I have even posted my complaint on their Facebook site and someone contacted me by still reiterates the company line and is not helpful at all. My only recourse now is to pay the cost instead of them taking me to collections. I seriously doubt they will refund my "discount" once I return home and reactivate my phone which will be obsolete by then. I strongly urge anyone to stay away from Wifefly. At least if you buy directly with Verizon, you have an easier avenue for recourse.


CPT Tuan Tran

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Hi Mr. Tran,

Wirefly supports our troops who have been deployed overseas and are grateful to them for their service to our country. We have handled this process hundreds of times for our active duty customers. If a customer is deployed on military duty, the carrier simply requires them to first suspend their account directly with the carrier, keeping the phone number in their name and retaining ownership of the phone. We do honor deployment paperwork and we will work with you to resolve.

Verizon reported to us that the line you upgraded through us is no longer active on your account. They have deducted the commission they pay us (and what we use to lower the cost of the phones) from our payment. Due to the nature of your situation, we have triple checked the information with Verizon where they confirmed the phone you bought from us is on another account holder’s line.

We are happy to work with you and the carrier if you can provide us proof that the phone number and piece of equipment we activated has been suspended due to your deployment. Please contact us through the channels we have provided you.


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