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I purchased two phones from in July, 2010. In December 2010, one of the phones was lost. I called AT & T to report the lost phone, they put a hold on the phone so no calls could be made. A week later I purchased a new phone (from AT&T) and had the hold removed from the line.

About a month after doing this I received a phone call from Simplicity (aka Wirefly), they told me that since I cancelled my phone service, I owed them an early termination fee of $200. I explained that my phone service was not cancelled, it was transferred to a new phone and was told that the situation was resolved and they would update my account.

In February, I began receiving phone calls from a collection agency (Infinity Group), to collect the $200 early termination fee on behalf of Wirefly. Infinity was unable to provide any information or access any information about my account and they suggested I call Wirefly. Once again, I contacted Wirefly and was told they would forward the information to their finance department. The phone calls from Infinity (collection agency) continued. I continued to contact Wirefly, spoke to manager after manager, was unable to get the problem resolved. Wirefly continued to say that I owed them the $200 because I cancelled my phone service and per the contract I owed them a fee because I did not return the phone to them or report the phone lost.

As a final attempt to resolve the issue, I asked Wirefly to forward me a copy of the part of the contract that stated I needed to report a lost phone to them. Low and behold, after reading the the fine print in the contract, I found the section they referred to. BUYER BEWARE - the customer service was the worst I ever received, the contract was very poorly written and misleading. If you order a phone from Wirefly and lose it, make sure to report the loss to your phone service provider AND Wirefly. My advice is to pay the extra money and deal with a reputable company.

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I apologize for the experience you had with our Customer Service and for the confusion you went through in attempting to have your issue addressed. We would very much like to look into your order further and see what could have been handled better. Please email us your order number to

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