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I ordered a phone from Wirefly online in early January 2012. But within a couple of hours I attempted to cancel the order, because I found a ton of very negative reviews about the company.

Via chat support, I was told the only way to cancel would be to refuse actual delivery at my doorstep, thereby returning the phone to sender. I was told my refund would be processed once the phone was received by Wirefly. However, the U.S. Post Office left the box on my porch when I was not home.

(This occurred due to an error by USPS, or perhaps because Wirefly never sent the box using the "signature required" method.) The next day I took the unopened box to USPS, successfully refused delivery there via the clerk's handheld scanner, and started the "return to sender" process. But after 6 weeks the box still has not been received by Wirefly! The tracking number for this package return was the same as for the original package delivery, so I have been monitoring the box as it has been circling the Lower 48 states since mid-January. This has been due either to extreme incompetence on the part of the USPS (which is quite possible), or maybe Wirefly is somehow responsible for the package being repeatedly forwarded around the country but never delivered--meaning my refund could never be processed.

I do not know. But because Wirefly has such a bad reputation, my credit card company gave me a refund.

At last check the box has been "out for delivery" in the Atlanta area since Feb. 4.

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I ordered 4 phones and for some reason the *** put me on as a new customer rather than a existing customer. I kept telling him when I saw the invoice that the phones had new numbers associated with them and I already had numbers.

He said trust me and Sprint can add your numbers once you get the phones. As soon as I got them I called Sprint and they said they couldn't. In the mean time I had 8 phones on my Sprint bill. I called Wirefly immediately and sent the phones back after having them in my possession only for 8 hrs.

And only opening one. I'm still waiting on the activation charges to be credited to me. They keep saying they'll call back but never do. And, I have the entire purchase in an e-mail so I can prove that the *** didn't do what I ask.

I'm not letting this go. I've been on the phone probably over 8 hours with people who keep promising me resolution with no success. This place suck.

In the mean time I need an additional phone and can't do it until this is take care of. It's been going on over a month!

Sacramento, California, United States #707208

I have never been treated so RUDE and with disrespect in my entire life and coming from a company in this day of age the one of there mainstays is Customer service, this company lacks it all departments. After ordering 2 phones on a Groupon that was then sent to Wirefly on ordering. Here it comes. Order 2 phones and order was placed and then a following email was sent for tracking purposes. Well ok get the email and saying the phones order well be sent on 2 different dates plus the accessorizes was sent in different packages.Really? Ok then once recived the phones neither on said date was given pre-set up with SIM card and number already activated. Ok so I am charged for a week of service that a phone already. Tried to change a number with the carrier Verizon which was fine, And then get a threatening letter from Wirefly collection department Simplexity saying I owe $400 for breach of contract. Only had phone 10 days and contract is with Verizon still and Wirefly said I broke contract. So 2 months later Wirefly still is trying to sue me even though Verizon is saying the contract originally made is the same. SO you know what steer clear of this company at ALL cost. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


Hi RoRoUrBoat,

I am sorry to hear that you feel that way, however I am aware that you spoke with our customer service supervisor who was able to let you know that we have waived the charge that you are complaining about and have sent out your replacement phone. If you have any further issues or questions regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at:



I had returned items to them as well that they "did not receive." Therefore, I have been left paying the service provider for a phone I do not have!


Hi Biffjenkins1999,

I am really sorry to hear that you have had so many problems with the phone you ordered from us, especially regarding shipping. It is not a normal process at all and I am very concerned that you have returned the package but we have not received it yet.

Can you please email me your order number to, so that I can work with our distribution center to address this for you? I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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