The guy installing Fios in my house raved about Wirefly.My current cell phone is outdated & functions poorly. Wirely site said that the Droid Global 2 was currently free.

My job is very slow right now; I'm being super careful about spending. For work it'd be best to be able to use services that Droid offers. My order goes through & phone arrives& I progam it. Send&receive a few texts.

Only when a call comes in, I realize the volume is so low that I can't hear the caller. I check the volume toggle and it's turned all the way up. I change my location and ask a friend to call and test the phone. Still can't hear caller properly.

When I called Wirefly I found out there was no tech support, but I was told I could return the Droid for a new one. When I explained to customer service that I couldn't be w/out my cell, even for a few days, customer service said that they could ship a new phone right away. I was told that $250 would be charged to my cc., then reimbursed upon receipt of malfunctioning phone. I can't tell you why, but something felt very very wrong.

Like how do I know if the $250 will be reimbursed in a timely and proper fashion? I asked if I might speak to a supervisor about this. Customer service asked me to hold on, and my call was disconnected. I called back and explained I didn't want to keep the phone or continue to do business w/Wirefly.

After some resistance from customer service, I was given a return authorization # . This was yesterday. Today I'll take the original shipping box, which is carefully packed with everything that it contained originally, to FedEx. I only hope after reading other consumer complaints about Wirefly on this and other sites, that they won't come up w/a bogus reason to charge my cc....

btw I called Verizon and explained everything to them. They worked with me, have reinstated my old dates and terms of service, and have turned my old phone back on.

I will order a Certified Preowned Droid from them. Wish me luck and I promise to come back here and tell the rest of the story if this doesn't go smoothly as Wirelfly promises....

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Kim your email link does not work...


Hi, I work at Wirefly's HQ, and your experience is troubling for me. I am sorry that you have had problems with your phone, and I can assure you that we would be happy to make sure that your order is taken care of promptly and with minimal interruption for you.

If you would please email me your order information, I would like to review your call with our representatives to make sure that they are coached appropriately and that you are fully satisfied with the resolution to your order. You can email me your order information at onlinesupport@wirefly.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you soon!


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