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So the person from Wirefly who was supposed to HELP me called me Monday the 11th, this was the escalation manager, who was no help at all, she only offered to extend my warranty period so I could exchange the phone. I did not want an exchange, I did not and do not want to do business with this company any longer, their customer service is abysmal, the wait times are ridiculous, and this policy of enforcing the warranty period before the product is received by the consumer is shockingly bad, how anyone can think this is acceptable is beyond me, I want nothing more to do with them.

After the escalation manager rejected my pleas, I felt it was necessary to continue to pursue this until I felt comfortable with my purchase, this is when I made this post and I also contacted the Better Business Bureau.

I also contacted Verizon again because I had an idea on how I could be made satisfied, I just wanted to be dealing with Verizon, and no longer wanted anything to do with Wirewhatever. Verizon was more than willing to work with me and they were very sympathetic to my plight. Verizon has satisfied my situation to my satisfaction, even though I did not originally buy from them, they had no obligation what so ever to help me, other than I have been a good customer of theirs for quite a while, they took on my issue when they did have too, and I thank them for it.

Tuesday the 12th I got a call from Wirefly office of the president, NOW they are willing to help me. NOW after all this nonsense they are willing to give me my money back after I have had to pull my hair out in frustration. I told them Verizon has taken care of me, the guy wanted to know what they did, I told him it was none of his business. He also wanted to know what I was going to do with the phone if I wasn’t going to have it refunded, again I told him it was none of his business, I want nothing more to do with this operation I regret ever doing business with them, even though I had good transactions with them in the past and I even recommended them to friends…which I will no longer do, this company is bad, their policy is bad and you should not have to expect your warranty to be enforced before you have possession of your product, shameful…

This issue is closed and I am satisfied thanks to Verizon,

And a special thanks to Wirewhatever for stressing me out beyond all reason, if their business is in *** people off - they sure are doing a great job.

Thanks to this site too – it is too bad this is what must be done to get satisfaction these days, but I am glad sites like this are here, Thank You !

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2012

I purchased an HTC Rezound from Wirefly on 5/24/2012 – it was a Thursday - the following weekend was Memorial Day Holliday, I did not receive the product until May 30th 6 days later. During the first week of usage I found the media phone I had purchased was faulty, it made a loud squealing out the audio jack when plugged into speakers. Upon research I found that the phone manufacturer had a bad batch with poorly shielded CPU's - and recommended returning the phone for a replacement.

I tried to call Wirefly on Friday the 1st and couldn't get through – and seeing that I only had the phone for 10 days I figured I was covered under the 14 day return policy. I wanted to return the phone, get my money back and repurchase the phone from Verizon; I felt more comfortable dealing with them under the circumstances.

On Saturday 6/9/2012 I called Wirefly to return the phone, when they informed me that I was 15 days into my warranty and there would be no refund, also they needed to get a managers approval to "extend" my 14 day return period if I wanted a replacement. I didn't understand what they were telling me, I only had the phone for 10 days!, I had shipping confirmation to prove it, Wirefly didn't bill me for the phone until it was delivered to me on the 30th – the rep explained that the warranty period began on the 24 – the day I ordered the phone, before I even had possession of the phone or was even billed for it.

I made several angry calls to Verizon and then to Wirefly escalating the issue as best I could with no luck. Wirefly insists that their return policy is based on a contractual agreement with Verizon, it is Verizon's policy and written into the contract with Wirefly. So I contacted Verizon to confirm this. The Verizon rep told me that is not their policy, she told me it was unfair and felt it was fraudulent, she attempted to conference a call with Wirefly to help me sort it out, but we never were able to get through (hold times with Wirefly were 30 minutes of more)

I called Wirefly back and demanded that this be escalated and they assured me that a manager would review and call me back. The Manager from Wirefly called me on 6/11/2012 exclaiming that I was out of the 14 day return period and there was absolutely nothing they could do – it was Verizon's policy – my money had already been paid to Verizon, if I wanted my money back, I needed to contact Verizon – furthermore the manager wanted me to give her the name of the Verizon rep who told me that it was not a Verizon policy to enforce a warranty on a product before the owner received it, the manager told me that Verizon was wrong and giving misinformation to their customers and she wanted to speak to Verizon and report the representative who tried to help me.

I understand contract law, I understand I signed the agreement, however it is not reasonable for me to expect that my warranty was in effect before I even received the product, before it was even shipped! There was a whole 6 day period that my warranty was in effect before I even took possession of it or even paid for the device. How can a warranty be in effect if I do not even have the device in my possession? This is deceptive, and fraudulent – and bad business. This company is selling Verizon branded phones and touting Verizon policy as the reason that I cannot get the refund that I was due.

I am extremely angry, and I will post this all over the internet until I get satisfaction.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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Update from my 8/23 comment: Wirefly customer service contacted me again and resolved my issue. Please disregard my comment below.


This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. First, their 14-day "trial period" or "satisfaction guarantee" is extremely misleading.

The period begins on the date of the ORDER. So, if you place an order for a new phone on 8/1, and receive the phone on 8/7, your 14-day satisfaction guarantee period expires on 8/14. This is so even though the sales invoice says that the period begins "on the date of activation." My phone was activated on 8/8, but customer service insists that the phone was activated on 8/1, because "date of activation" means the date the order was placed, not the date the phone was activated. This is absurd.

I am now stuck with a non-functional phone that is clearly defective, and a company that insists that my "trial period" was half over by the time I got the phone.

James, the customer service representative, refused to let me speak with a supervisor. He said there is no supervisor available -- which I do not believe.


Hi BillMcg,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience with your order from us. I would like to review your order and see how we can make this right for you.

Can you please email me your order number and contact information to, so that I can review your order and have a senior customer service agent call you to assist you with resolving this? I look forward to hearing from you, so we can work with you and Verizon to find a resolution to this issue for you as soon as possible.


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