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What a horrible company this is. I wish I listened to the reviews here. I bought my HTC Thunderbolt and ported my number from another carrier after calling both Verizon and Wirefly (WF) about this process. I thankfully could do that with a few phone calls, however the SIM that was installed by WF had to be replaced at a Verizon store because it was linked to the temp number WF used (not a big issue just time consuming). On the 20th day of owning my WF phone it starts having charging issues. The phone will not hold a charge (yes I used the HTC charger exclusively), the phone on charger becomes so hot you can't touch it, and then the phone will no longer turn on.

I call WF for tech help and they want me to just return the phone to replace it (so far so good). But they want me to ship mine to them (2-3 days), inspect the phone at least 24 hours, and wait 3 days to ship a new one to me. That is a week! This is my only phone (no home line). Or I can authorize a $400 charge in case I don't ship the phone back. WF didn't included a return shipping label in the original box so now I have to pay to ship it back or wait for them to ship me a shipping label (WTF? put it in the box with the new phone you idiots!).

I love my credit card company USAA because they will block an authorization from becoming a charge without contacting me first. WF, when you have a contract with someone, their address, SSN, and number in hand, WF you hold all the power should someone try to BS you and not return the phone.

I used Lets' talk in the past and they FEDEX'd me a replacement phone 6 months after getting it because the keypad stopped working; no charge, no shipping fees, no BS, and they put a return label in the box.

The phones are the phones. HTC doesn't ship certain phones to the Verizon store and second rate ones to these companies. Its all about customer service then. If I could do it over I would 1. use the Verizon store or 2. use Let's Talk. Wirefly..your customer service sucks.

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Hi LtMass,

Thank you for your input. I am having a customer service manager review all of the contacts on your order so that we can provide all of our agents with the appropriate feedback.

If there is anything else that I can do to be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to email me at




Thank you for the follow-up with my telephone conversation. Yes your corp office called me (on my cell phone that doesn't work)and I was able to speak with him about the issue when I called back and had to re-explain my issues with another less than helpful rep before being transferred.

A new phone was/is being sent currently. However, why does it take such steps as these to resolve the issue of poor customer service from someone you have on payroll? What if I weren't so astute to get online and complain (the first rep apparently didn't want to hear my concerns or forward me to her supervisor to make me happy). Recommendations: 1. review the taped discussion I had with your representative yesterday morning which began all this, retraining is needed. 2. review your policy of which cases should be considered "not normal" and revise your return shipping policies. 3. review your policy of contacting customers, you had two numbers to call on and an email address, yet the first call was to a number that can't be accessed.

Good reviews travel very slowly to 1-3 people, bad ones spread like wild fire and appear online for the whole world to see.


Hi LtMass,

I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience. It is my understanding that one of our senior customer service reps has spoken with you and been able to address and resolve your concerns. If there is anything else that we can do to be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to let me know by sending me and email to


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