After completing the web purchase process from the Wirefly site, I tried to transfer my contacts to my phone. The Wirefly Mobile Backup did not work.

It asked me to downgrade my Safari browser from the latest version to access the site. I installed the application from the Blackberry App world and it has notified me that the application has memory leaks. (http\gomemoryleaks) I STRONGLY suggest you stay away from the service.

I can't get the time that I spent installing and setting up the application back. Trust me, it's a waste of your time and don't count on getting your contacts back.

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I'd be interested to know if Wirefly helped resolve the problem. Any update?


i cant find my contacts


Hi Anonymous,

I am really sorry to hear that this has happened. Can you please email me your order number so that I can have a customer service manager reach out to you to assist you with this?

The email address is: onlinesupport@wirefly.com.

I will make sure we work with Mobile Backup to resolve and address your issues. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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