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This is a HUGE SCAM. I ordered a phone from Wirefly due to their great rate.

The phone was for an employee in another state and I was instructed by Wirefly that they could not ship the phone to other than the billing zip code – that they had to have it shipped to myself, then once received, I had to call them to change the phone number to the employee's area code – then ship the phone to my employee (and of course, pay for the shipping at my own expense). I received the phone – called the phone number that was on the packing slip – and changed the phone number to the area code that I needed it to be – then shipped it off to my employee. A few months later, I receive a letter from a collection agency for $300. After countless of hours on the phone, being transferred from one department to another, dealing with Wirefly, NCO Financial, and Simplexity (all of who point the finger at the other) – no one will help me.

They tell me that since I switched the phone number that I cancelled the contract with Wirefly and therefore owe them the money. They were the ones who told me to change the number because they couldn't send the phone directly to my employee who is located in another state! And on top of that – they give you AT&T's direct phone number to call on their packing slip – and if you call "˜another carrier' other than Wirefly, you cancel your contract!

Stay away from Wirefly. They would have had 6 other phone orders (and more in the future) from our company but due to this experience, I am willing to pay another carrier higher price than deal with this again.

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I just ordered a phone from wirefly and they took one whole day to let me know I was approved. I had to emnail them for this information.

They have no customer service number that works. they have an excalation line but I had to get that from another complaint board. They said i was not approved by sprint. I called sprint and they informed me that i had no outstanding bill and that i was approved by SPRINT for three lines.

They said forget about wirfly and order from them . it may have cost more but i was not scammed into buying a phone that double punished you for cancelling and could not get a phone to you within 48 hours of ordering. I ordered from sprint and I am enjoying a stress free life. Wirefly is not worth it.

the best thing they could have done is called sprint credit collections while i was on hold and verify indeed i had no balance. They need to only communicate with a liason that tyhey know is US based and can read a credit collections screen properly.

i imagine they have lost many customers this way.btw radioshack ONLINE uses the same company. its called "SIMPLEXITY"



We have reviewed your order and all the pertinent calls related to it. I sincerely apologize for the misinformation that you were given, and the problems that ensued on your order because of that. I would like to let you know, that upon management review, we are waiving the collections fee and refunding you the amount that was paid to settle the account. Again, I apologize for the experience you have had with our company and hope that the matter has been resolved to your complete satisfaction. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to be of assistance to you.


Wirefly Kim



We're sorry to hear you had an unfavorable experience with Wirefly. First off, I'd like to investigate this particular order to find out exactly what went wrong and if there's anything we can do to help.

Please send an e-mail to with your order number and we'll get in touch shortly.

-Wirefly Terry

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