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Do not buy your phone or service from wirefly . They trap you into buying from them and then getting the rebate is next to impossible .

Unlike other rebates, these you have to mail not before a specific date,,,and not after 180 days,,, but if you mail it before ,, its void,,and if you mail it six months later,, its too late,,, by two or three days,,, very unfair business practices . You're better off going to AT and T ,, buying the phone there ,,with their rebate,,which they complete for you automatically , and submit for you . So you'll spend 40 or 50 for a phone after the rebate,, whereas wirefly promises it for free,,but you pay 2 or 3 hundred,,,and then NEVER get the rebate,,,, they'll give you 87 reasons why you don't qualify .

At least with the company ,, you have a name, a face and a location if anything goes wrong,,, wirefly will not give you money back if the phone is broken , if its open ,,,, uhh,, hello,,, how am I supposed to know its not working if I didn't try to use it to begin with ??? don't do it, don't do it,,, you will have no recourse,,, no way to get your money back ,,

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Never buy from them. I mailed in rebate at proper time and never received rebate.

Could never reach a person by phone. They are professional liars, cheats, *** artists and should be out of business.

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