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If you are getting a phone through Wirefly and switching to a new provider AND keeping your old phone number (i.e. porting it), do NOT order through Wirefly!

Unless you can afford to go without phone service for any amount of time.

What they do (which they don't tell you about beforehand), is when they get your order, they complete the process of porting your phone and THEN ship your phone (so they can get their commission). What this means is your new service is already activated and your old service deactivated and THEN they ship out your phone. So if you chose next day air, then you only have to go 1 or 2 days without a phone.

Otherwise, you can go a week and a half or more (and yes, they lie on their website when they say they do it within 48 hours AFTER receiving your phone - in my case it will be 9 days BEFORE)!

And calling Wirely customer service does no good, they just tell you they are sorry you chose the wrong shipping option. (i.e. they don't care) The porting dept rep at Verizon actually told me she is not even sure why they still deal with Wirefly because they have SO many issues with them.

This is a serious warning - buy directly from the new provider. It's worth paying a little extra money for the phone if you can't afford to go without phone service!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I'm so glad I decided to research this company. The RED flag went up when I was going to upgrade an existing account and couldn't believe the price on what my existing company was offering and Wirefly was offering.

I even called to negotiate with my cell phone company and there was no dealing with the price.

I do sympathize with everyone and I appreciate the post. I will stay away for them!


i will never buy from wirefly again. we are porting 2 numbers and our phones arrived last week but we are still twidling our thumbs waiting for them to be activated .

the representative said it could happen "at any moment" but that was 3 days ago. from now on, we will go directly to the provider or maybe best buy etc.

where someone is accountable. waiting around for a week is a joke.


I had the same experience, and even worse the phone they eventually sent was broken but they made it as difficult as possible for me to return it. I got tired of dealing with them; one way or another it's always the same slippery way of not-quite meeting their contractual obligations.

When I finally did return the phone, they had the audacity to claim I would not get a refund because the phone was "broken"! And, they are threatening to charge me extra for it.

All of this within 17 days of my receipt of phone, well within the 30 day cancellation period. I know they are buttering you up, justinetn, but would still recommend to anyone else the same: pay a little extra to do business with the actual wireless providers: it's a lot less exhausting and probably much cheaper in the long run!


I have since been contacted through phone and email by a manager and the COO and they have worked really hard to make sure that they corrected the situation as best they could. I'm impressed that they followed up and formally apologized and worked hard to make sure that I was as happy as possible considering the circumstances!


Just wanted to post an update! They are now trying to correct the situation.

I had someone from Wirefly call me back and they are next day airing me the phones and 2 free accessories. Very helpful!

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